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To protect against the possibility of a repayment of a monthly payment in the context of a loan consolidation, creditors such as credit institutions or traditional banks require guarantees from their customers before validating a request for redemption. These can take several forms: solicit a third party to act as guarantor in the event of default and repay the credit in place of the borrower or call on a bonding agency.

Define the redemption of credits

Individuals who accumulate too many credits and whose budget is increased by the repayment of all these monthly payments, can turn to the redemption of credits. This is a banking operation that involves the repurchase by a lending institution of all the loans contracted from various organizations. Therefore, the borrower subscribes to a new loan and reimburses a single monthly payment. The main advantages lie in the fact that it is possible to significantly reduce the amount of monthly payments and to negotiate a favorable rate. In return, the repayment term will be extended and the total cost of credit increased. This operation concerns different types of credits such as consumer loans (car loans, work loans, personal loans) or real estate loans. In addition, it is also conceivable to include in the assembly various debts such as bank overdrafts.

Make a call to a third person as guarantor

A borrower who wishes to obtain a loan consolidation can guarantee it in support of a third party : a guarantor. It can be a family member or just a loved one. The latter then guarantees in the event of insolvency of the signatory of the repurchase agreement. In concrete terms, if the borrower is unable to repay a credit date, the lending institution can then claim the amount due from the person who has declared himself a guarantor. To guarantee and the redemption request is validated, it will be imperative that the guarantor has sufficient income to repay the monthly installments in question. Banks and lenders will pay the same attention to the guarantor’s file as to the borrower’s.

At the time of the validation of the loan consolidation contract, the guarantor must sign a document authorizing the creditor to collect the monthly payment due in the event of default by the borrower. As for any subscriber of a credit and in application of the Consumer Code, the signatory of the surety has a right of retraction of fourteen days.

The stronger the profile of the bondholder, the more likely the borrower will make their credit buyback project a reality. Having a guarantor is therefore a major advantage to secure both the bank and the borrower.

Use the services of a surety agency

Alternatively, seek the services of a bonding institution. For a fee, the organization in question guarantees when a customer is unable to repay a maturity related to a redemption of credits. In most cases, we will talk about a bank guarantee.

Concretely, when this option is chosen, a financial institution partner of the bank in which the purchase of credits has been subscribed acts as guarantor. The total amount of this bond varies depending on the borrower’s profile, the number of loans involved in the consolidation or the fixed repayment period.

Compensation can take many forms:

  • a guarantee fee that will correspond to a predefined percentage of the total remaining capital of the new credit
  • a flat-rate contribution with regular maturity

This guarantee is not granted to all clients or by all lending institutions, whether they are traditional banks or organizations specializing in the redemption of loans. It is very advantageous because it will allow a borrower who finds himself in a delicate financial situation not to accumulate the defaults of payment and thus to gradually recover a budgetary stability. A bank guarantee associated with a credit redemption operation is therefore wise because it will protect the borrower against over-indebtedness.

Guaranteed redemption for real estate loans

When it comes to a loan redemption that concerns a home loan, it is possible to opt for a surrendered credits. Again it is a third institution that vouches. This is a real alternative to a group of mortgages. Designed exclusively for homeowners or prospective first-time homebuyers, this option provides many benefits, the most important of which is that the buyback can be up to 80% of the value of the property owned by the borrower. In addition, the repayment term of the new credit under this framework can be up to 25 years. In most cases, the total cost of this bond is 2% to 3% of the amount borrowed.

The formalities for this type of bond are largely simplified and less expensive than when it comes to a mortgage purchase:

  • no notary fees because there is no need for any notarized act
  • no fee if the mortgage is closed before the end of the pre-established repayment period
  • the release of funds and the realization of the redemption request are generally much faster
  • the deposit is put in place directly after the signature of the contract and allows to be protected from the first monthly payment

This type of guarantee is accessible for a wide range of borrowers. It is not for employees but also for seniors up to 84 years and 6 months. The only condition is of course that the applicant for the grouping is the owner of a property.

Fit a solid file

Fit a solid file

Whichever option you choose, it is essential to build a very solid file to ensure that you get an offer to buy back credits. In the first place, the institutions will obviously study the elements relating to the profile of the applicant of the grouping such as:

  • the household’s monthly income via mandatory documents such as salary slips for the last few months, the latest tax notices
  • bank statements for the last three months
  • the professional situation: the type of contract (permanent, fixed-term, temporary, etc.)
  • available savings via booklet statements
  • monthly charges by providing the latest rent receipts
  • household wealth
  • alimony
  • the type of guarantee envisaged
  • the remaining capital to be repaid and the number of credits concerned

All these documents will be studied carefully by the experts in charge of validating a request for redemption. Thus the same attention will be paid if one opts to guarantee its redemption by a third person.

With respect to bonded redemption applications, it will be all the more important to build a reassuring record. Indeed, it is a particular and very advantageous arrangement that is not granted to all borrowers. Only people with a solid record can benefit from this type of bond.

Subscribing to a guarantee that allows maximum security for both the borrower and the creditor is a guarantee of success of a credit buyback operation.

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What is your type of credit card? Sat, 06 Jul 2019 00:55:40 +0000


Credit card ” is a word that most likely resonates in your ear but is still mysterious. Indeed, it is very difficult to know what type of card we fit best as there are on the market. To help you find yours, Good Finance has compared all offers in Belgium. And this year, we have decided to renew, for the second time, our Credit Card Awards in four different categories: Basic, Student, Travel and Shopping.

A card is called basic when it is easy to use


A card is called basic when it is easy to use and offers the necessary use for typical purchases of a credit card. Thus, thanks to it, you can book your hotel in the Bahamas, buy your plane tickets to Croatia, book the car of the road trip of your dreams or enjoy yourself by doing your shopping online.

In order to separate the card types from the different card providers, Good Finance was based on the following criteria:

  • The annual fee, which is the amount you have to pay each year to benefit from the services of the product
  • The interest rate, also known as APR (annualized overall rate)
  • The spending limit, the maximum monthly amount
  • The ability to link the card to a current account
  • Other advantages.



More and more people are keen on travel, discovery and adventure. However, any expedition, whatever it is, requires good coverage and insurance. But thanks to this type of credit card “Travel”, you have much more than that.

For this type of map, Good Finance is based here on:

  • Travel insurance (such as cancellation insurance, travel assistance, medical assistance, etc.)
  • The accumulation possibilities of miles
  • Payment and withdrawal fees abroad;
  • The annual fee
  • The spending limit



The type of credit card shopping is interesting for shopaholics, whether in stores or on the Internet. Admittedly, it offers many advantages to its holders, ranging from the accumulation of points to return on money (cashback) through various insurance purchases, such as extended warranty and Safe Online.

Good Finance is based here on:

  • Cashback
  • Insurance related to the world of shopping
  • The annual fee

Goodbank is the big winner in this category, occupying all the places on the podium.

And the reasons why the Extra World Mastercard is the one that takes the lead are:

  • Annual fee of 5 €
  • 4 insurance purchases
  • Up to 1% cashback (3% for the first three months) on purchases below € 100
  • 0.5% cashback on purchases over 100 €



Who says ” student” does not mean ” forbidden banking” . Indeed, it is quite possible for young people to enjoy a credit card so that they can enjoy life and enjoy themselves during their studies, but also to meet their daily needs. This is a type of flexible card with low costs.

Good Finance is based here on:

  • The annual fee and if it is free for young people
  • Activation, withdrawal and payment fees
  • The ability to link the card to a current account
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The Credit Registration Office Thu, 04 Jul 2019 12:37:21 +0000 From the age of 18 you are legally mature. From that moment on, you can do all sorts of things without your parents’ permission. That way you can get your driver’s license and you can vote in the elections. You are allowed to do much more, and it is of the utmost importance that you consider whether you actually want to.

We are talking about taking out telephone subscriptions and taking out loans. If you buy on installment you can do on your own from your 18th. It looks like Valhalla at first. You can buy and do anything without having to ask for permission. One of the things that we called you, taking out a loan, is something that you shouldn’t do without limit.

What is being checked?

What is being checked?

Before you take out a loan you probably have to enter information about yourself and your income. You do need an income if you want to take out a loan. After all, you will have to repay the money that you borrow to the creditor. At first, people are often very diligent when it comes to taking out loans. You have to start small if you are going to live independently, but you want nice things in your first house. Many people therefore take out a loan.

The Dutch government has a supervisory function when it comes to the rights and duties of you as a resident. That is why the government protects you from having too many debts. The Credit Registration Office has been created for this purpose. That BKR has a protective function towards you when you want to take out a loan, but also towards the lender. After all, they would like to know whether you have payment obligations elsewhere.

Once you have already taken out a number of loans, it can easily be concluded that you cannot meet your payment obligations. In that case, the BKR will issue a negative recommendation to the institution where you want to apply for a loan. If you just pay off your loans, only the loan will be listed. If you have finished paying off the debt at some point, the lender will cancel the loan, which means that you will be able to repay a debt on paper.

What happens if you do not pay on time

What happens if you do not pay on time

However, the moment you do not pay your repayments on time it might just go wrong. At that moment you will receive a so-called negative BKR listing. As a result, a warning will appear next to your name. You are not creditworthy for a lender. This means that you cannot apply for a loan, but that, for example, you cannot take out a mortgage when you want to buy a house.

Now it can of course be that you do not want to take out a mortgage at all and that you have not taken out any loans. In that case you should look carefully at your telephone subscriptions. This also applies as a contract with a monthly payment obligation. A telephone subscription is therefore listed at the Credit Registration Office. You have incurred a delay in the payment of your telephone subscription faster than you might think. Missed a direct debit a few times; in that case you have a negative rating.

When that happened to you, you have a problem if you want to take out a different subscription for your telephone. The telephone provider always checks you at the BKR and will then find out that you have a problem with your creditworthiness.

What is over-credit?


A negative rating is therefore something that should be prevented against everything. You just have to keep up with payments on subscriptions and with entering into and paying off loans. Only in this way will you remain registered as a creditworthy person. Apply for a loan from a bank that does not perform a BKR check; in that case, the bank or company providing the loan runs an unnecessary risk. You may be faced with over-credit. This actually means that you pay too high a monthly amount for the repayment of credits and subscriptions and therefore not enough money for other things that are also important, such as daily shopping.

Those who have a negative rating usually know that themselves. You may have heard it the moment you wanted to take out a subscription for your cell phone. In that case you can request a printout from the Credit Registration Office. It states the amount involved and the credit provider that applied to it.

If it concerns a debt that has been repaid for a long time, you can ask the creditor to remove the report. If it is a debt that you are still paying, you will have to deal with it. In that case you can only go to an organization that offers you to delete your registration.

Have your BKR listing removed

Such an organization mediates for a fee between you and the creditor and takes on the accounting activities that go with it. Of course you pay for those services. These types of organizations do not apply any no cure no pay rates, so you will lose an amount in any case. It is therefore up to you how much you want to get rid of your over-credit rating.

Depending on the complexity of your situation, you have lost an amount between 420 and 750 euros to have your negative listing reversed. An organization that has your over-credit listing removed does so in a legal manner. So there are lawyers who know all the ins and outs of the law and know exactly how they can have your payment arrears and debts legally removed from this register.

The moment your over-credit has been removed from the system, it is of course important that you keep it that way. You can do this by thinking carefully before you borrow money or, for example, request financing for an expensive utensil such as a car. Putting money aside every month sounds old-fashioned, but is still the best method to stay out of debt.

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Number of people with payment arrears credit fell again Sat, 22 Jun 2019 11:56:00 +0000 In 2018, 6.2% of people with a registered credit were in arrears. The number of payment arrears has fallen by 0.4 percent compared to the previous year. Despite the fall in payment arrears, the number of loans continues to rise. This is evident from the Credit Barometer of the ABC Foundation. an elucidation on

Growth through smaller loans

Growth through smaller loans

The growth in the total number of people with loans can be explained, among other things, by the fact that since May 2017 smaller loans have also been included in the credit register, such as mobile telephone loans. The ABC Credit Barometer shows that the absolute number of borrowers with problems is decreasing and that, despite the growth in registrations, there are fewer backlogs than in previous years.

Last year, the Dutch most often borrowed money to refinance existing loans (33.6%). Transferring a loan is interesting because of the low borrowing rate at the moment. In addition, refinancing offers the opportunity to get rid of expensive forms of borrowing, such as red card and payment cards.

The National Credit Checker also advocates borrowing responsibly. For example, they introduced the repayment loan last year.

Repayable loan

Repayable loan

What if your revolving credit no longer matches your current situation? Then resizing is a good option. The National Credit Checker therefore has the repayment loan, whereby all your revolving loans (in addition to your mortgage) are transferred and merged into one loan. This way you do not have high monthly interest costs and the repayment time is between 12 and 180 months. The focus is on being debt-free as quickly as possible.

“We can move more towards a responsible lending method where the loan is geared to the consumer’s lending objective. This prevents your loan from continuing, while the economic life of the purchased product is already over ”.

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Borrow money or start earning yourself? Mon, 17 Jun 2019 23:02:43 +0000

Borrow money or earn yourself?

When you are a bit short in cash you can temporarily borrow money from someone or from the bank, but you can for example also try to make money yourself. You can borrow a small amount to eventually make money yourself in, for example, the online world. Even without the need for specific knowledge, you can earn money quickly.

Apply for credit

Apply for credit

The easiest way to get money is to borrow money from someone you know. If this is not possible you can also go to the bank. These only set increasingly stricter requirements and often when it comes to a somewhat larger loan of a few thousand euros you also get a credit check note.

You’d rather not do this. For example, if you want to buy a house, you may not have a credit check note. In addition, with a loan from the bank you are also much more expensive because of the high interest rates that are applied.

Make money yourself?

Make money yourself?

There are many ways to make money yourself. The only investment required for this is time. This is not entirely true, because it sometimes costs some investment money, but this is often a maximum of one hundred euros. This is still less than the interest at the bank. Furthermore, you can apply those methods for a longer period of time, so that you continue to earn money and it is therefore not a one-off.

Borrow money or earn yourself?

Borrow money or earn yourself?

This often concerns how you can use Facebook, YouTube, email marketing and affiliate marketing as effectively as possible, so that you can generate revenue from this. The only thing you need for this is a computer, internet and board full of motivation, because it is often somewhat unknown territory.

Borrow money or earn yourself?

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What can I do to save money? Financial habits to save Mon, 10 Jun 2019 00:40:20 +0000 Do you have trouble reaching the end of the month and consider your money management to be poor? This situation can ruin anyone even when their income is high. Having more expenses than income is an avoidable problem in most cases, especially if you don’t have excessive responsibilities to face.


However, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is complicated when you don’t have the necessary habits. In this post, we show you some clues to improve your money management from today.

How can you start saving?

How can you start saving?

If you have a mess with payments, it is most likely that there is an organizational problem. There are online and mobile applications that help you with these tasks on how to save. Even so, the first thing you should do is find out all the payments you must make on a monthly basis. For them, check the invoices or verify the information on the Internet. Many companies communicate via emails with their customers and put at your disposal private areas on their pages so you can see your consumption, invoices, expense history, etc.

Organize your payments and write them on your calendar (you can use your mobile phone for this if you handle these technologies or use the cash and paper pen of a lifetime). This way, you can wait for payments instead of surprising them.

How can you start saving? We show you tricks to know how to control your expenses efficiently. Learn good financial habits to save money.

You should also check all the services you are discharged from, are the payments what to expect? Are you sure someone is not charging you something else? Sometimes the conditions of some services change and this modifies the amounts to some extent. While you are always notified of these modifications, we do not always realize.

What can I do to save money?

What can I do to save money?

You must set a monthly amount to save continuously from now. You can only have money saved if you save from today. In a matter of months, you will have a mattress for any emergency or unforeseen. Isn’t it great? You will not have to resort to any bank or financial institution to request a personal loan and get out of these unforeseen situations that always occur when you least expect it and when you have less money in your account. In order not to panic tomorrow, you must be responsible in your money management from today.

Control your expenses efficiently

Reducing your expenses, controlling your payments and saving you can count on the security of having a considerable amount of money at your disposal in a matter of a few months. Thus, it will be you who decides what to do and it will not be the payments that control you if you were at the mercy of the elements. Saving and maintaining responsible habits with money is not easy.

How to reduce your urgent expenses

The unforeseen do not warn by definition and it seems that they arise when it comes to you worse, right? If your payroll is just around the corner but you have to face an unexpected expense, you can count on the help of your trusted financial institution. You should not think twice, you will have the solution in front of you in the palm of your hand on your touch device at any time of the day. However, you should know the conditions of the service beforehand to make good use of the financial product when the need arises.

How to save on your purchases

In the long term, it is profitable to go shopping when there are discounts. For this reason, you should consider getting those goods you need when the price drops considerably. Stay on top of the best offers in the coming months so you can benefit from the rebates and if you lack liquidity consider a quick loan to meet this expense.

How to save on financial services

How to save on financial services

Sometimes you may only need money for a management that you cannot otherwise copy with at the present time. In these cases, fast online loans are also presented as one of the best alternatives since in certain conditions it is like asking a friend or a family member for money with the difference of having a payment formality. There are several financial companies that offer special offers to those who use their services for the first time with special conditions and even for free.

Here are the basic guidelines you should keep in mind to cut expenses and save:

  • Never trust an unknown entity if you can avoid it.
  • Use the services of your bank and look for benefits by being a regular customer (less commissions, offers, etc.).
  • Do not apply for loans that you will not need. This seems obvious but it never hurts to think twice or three times.
  • Return in advance the money you will not use, so you will save interest.
  • Study the loans in detail so you can understand all the implications of the service.

We often lose our hands when we go through a time of prosperity but we must bear in mind that there are also worse times. Do you want to have to pay money for a loan or do you prefer to fend for yourself in the future? You can do the chip change today.

In short, online credits offer effective solutions to everyday problems. These types of financial solutions provide great maneuverability to customers who make good use of financial products. Today, it is not uncommon for someone to ask for a small loan to get out of a convoluted situation. Whenever you have a payroll or any other regular source of income to pay the fees you can benefit from these financial.


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Debt Consolidation Can Save You from the Financial Abyss Sat, 25 May 2019 23:42:39 +0000

People who have accumulated debts over the years that are impossible to repay can in some cases use the debt consolidating. Not everyone can use the debt consolidation at the moment that it has debts, because there are quite a few conditions attached to it. One of the points being viewed before you can use the debt consolidating is how you got to the debt. You can only make use of the debt consolidating if the debts have arisen through no fault of your own and you have done everything to rectify it.

Paying off debts as from, for example, gambling, taking out huge loans that can never be repaid and buying hugely expensive products on the basis of repayment will not be paid by the debt consolidating.

Explanation of debt consolidating

Explanation of debt restructuring

The moment you choose to use the debt consolidating and you also meet all the conditions for getting debt consolidating, you can request this from your municipality. You are attached to the debt consolidating for 3 years, during these 3 years it is the intention to pay off as much as possible of your debts. Almost all income will be passed directly to the creditors, so during the 3 years you have very little money at your disposal to live on.

After you have paid as much as possible to the creditor for 3 years, the rest of the debts will be canceled, so you can start your financial life again. If you use the debt consolidating, you will not have any control over your income, as it will automatically be passed on to the creditors with whom you still have debts. If you refuse to cooperate during the debt consolidating process,

A new life after the debt consolidating


The debt consolidating as we know it in the Netherlands is an ideal arrangement for people who have fallen deep into debt through no fault of their own, for example fraud is misleading, these people can start again after paying off the debt after 3 years of paying Off. life.

The municipality pays the debt consolidating from the tax money, so you don’t have to pay a premium to be able to use the debt consolidating.

During this process you may keep very little of your income

During this process you may keep very little of your income

View for current conditions for eligibility for debt consolidating on the government website, as these change regularly. It is not desirable for everyone to make use of the debt consolidating when you have few debts you often do not even qualify for the debt consolidating process.

During this process you may keep very little of your income, which makes it difficult for you to make ends meet, this is not desirable for everyone. For most people, however, the use of debt consolidating is the only way out of debt. Read more about get out of debt!

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How to Save Money in 5 Steps Tue, 21 May 2019 01:02:26 +0000 It is very difficult to find someone who does not want to save money. However, the distance between wanting and getting is usually very large. The curious thing is that in most cases, this happens for a single reason: we started the month promising that, this time, we will be able to save money, but when it comes to an end, there is nothing left in the account.

The good news is that reversing this situation may be easier than you might think. For this, the first question you must answer is if you are in debt. If you are, before reading this text, you need to read this one, which shows what you need to get out of the snowball.

1. How to save money – Do not wait until the end of the month

1. How to save money - Do not wait until the end of the month

If you have realized that there is no money left over at the end of the month, how about starting saving money soon when wages fail? A good tip is to create a scheduled savings for this day. So you’re not even going to start counting on that money for day-to-day life.

2. How to Save Money – Organize Your Budget

2. How to Save Money - Organize Your Budget

You should know how much you make, but how much do you spend? It is impossible to control the budget without knowing exactly where your money is going. To help you organize your budget, the tip is to have one of the financial organization available in the market.

Who likes numbers and keeps all the notes on the card to add at the end of the month can count on a spreadsheet control. Now for those who shudder just thinking about filling out a spreadsheet, one option is to use Iago, which pulls all your bank moves automatically in less than two minutes.

3. How to save money – Create goals for your expenses

3. How to save money - Create goals for your expenses

Do you already know the 50-15-35 rule? She foresees setting goals for all her expenses by dividing them into three categories:

– 50% for essential expenses: all those necessary for you to stay in your daily life: housing, food, health, education, etc.

– 15% for financial priorities: for those who do not have debts, the priority is to save money for future projects.

– 35% for lifestyle: all expenses related to hobbies and leisure: gym, beauty salon, restaurants, ballads, etc.

4. How to save money – Build an emergency reserve

Your first goal in saving 15% of your income is to build an emergency reserve to prevent financial contingencies. The ideal is that this mattress adds three to six salaries.

By saving 15% of your income, you will achieve three salaries in one year and eight months. If you can save on lifestyle and essential expenses, you can increase your monthly savings and reach that goal before the deadline.

Read more: Want tips for reducing your core spend?

Read more: Want to review your lifestyle while having fun?

5. How to save money – Diversify your investments

Once you build your emergency reserve, you’ll be free to look for other profitable investment options than saving. A good tip is to look for a financial advisor to help you set the next steps.


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