Number of people with payment arrears credit fell again

In 2018, 6.2% of people with a registered credit were in arrears. The number of payment arrears has fallen by 0.4 percent compared to the previous year. Despite the fall in payment arrears, the number of loans continues to rise. This is evident from the Credit Barometer of the ABC Foundation. an elucidation on websitegalaxys4fr.com

Growth through smaller loans

Growth through smaller loans

The growth in the total number of people with loans can be explained, among other things, by the fact that since May 2017 smaller loans have also been included in the credit register, such as mobile telephone loans. The ABC Credit Barometer shows that the absolute number of borrowers with problems is decreasing and that, despite the growth in registrations, there are fewer backlogs than in previous years.

Last year, the Dutch most often borrowed money to refinance existing loans (33.6%). Transferring a loan is interesting because of the low borrowing rate at the moment. In addition, refinancing offers the opportunity to get rid of expensive forms of borrowing, such as red card and payment cards.

The National Credit Checker also advocates borrowing responsibly. For example, they introduced the repayment loan last year.

Repayable loan

Repayable loan

What if your revolving credit no longer matches your current situation? Then resizing is a good option. The National Credit Checker therefore has the repayment loan, whereby all your revolving loans (in addition to your mortgage) are transferred and merged into one loan. This way you do not have high monthly interest costs and the repayment time is between 12 and 180 months. The focus is on being debt-free as quickly as possible.

“We can move more towards a responsible lending method where the loan is geared to the consumer’s lending objective. This prevents your loan from continuing, while the economic life of the purchased product is already over ”.

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