What is your type of credit card?


Credit card ” is a word that most likely resonates in your ear but is still mysterious. Indeed, it is very difficult to know what type of card we fit best as there are on the market. To help you find yours, Good Finance has compared all offers in Belgium. And this year, we have decided to renew, for the second time, our Credit Card Awards in four different categories: Basic, Student, Travel and Shopping.

A card is called basic when it is easy to use


A card is called basic when it is easy to use and offers the necessary use for typical purchases of a credit card. Thus, thanks to it, you can book your hotel in the Bahamas, buy your plane tickets to Croatia, book the car of the road trip of your dreams or enjoy yourself by doing your shopping online.

In order to separate the card types from the different card providers, Good Finance was based on the following criteria:

  • The annual fee, which is the amount you have to pay each year to benefit from the services of the product
  • The interest rate, also known as APR (annualized overall rate)
  • The spending limit, the maximum monthly amount
  • The ability to link the card to a current account
  • Other advantages.



More and more people are keen on travel, discovery and adventure. However, any expedition, whatever it is, requires good coverage and insurance. But thanks to this type of credit card “Travel”, you have much more than that.

For this type of map, Good Finance is based here on:

  • Travel insurance (such as cancellation insurance, travel assistance, medical assistance, etc.)
  • The accumulation possibilities of miles
  • Payment and withdrawal fees abroad;
  • The annual fee
  • The spending limit



The type of credit card shopping is interesting for shopaholics, whether in stores or on the Internet. Admittedly, it offers many advantages to its holders, ranging from the accumulation of points to return on money (cashback) through various insurance purchases, such as extended warranty and Safe Online.

Good Finance is based here on:

  • Cashback
  • Insurance related to the world of shopping
  • The annual fee

Goodbank is the big winner in this category, occupying all the places on the podium.

And the reasons why the Extra World Mastercard is the one that takes the lead are:

  • Annual fee of 5 €
  • 4 insurance purchases
  • Up to 1% cashback (3% for the first three months) on purchases below € 100
  • 0.5% cashback on purchases over 100 €



Who says ” student” does not mean ” forbidden banking” . Indeed, it is quite possible for young people to enjoy a credit card so that they can enjoy life and enjoy themselves during their studies, but also to meet their daily needs. This is a type of flexible card with low costs.

Good Finance is based here on:

  • The annual fee and if it is free for young people
  • Activation, withdrawal and payment fees
  • The ability to link the card to a current account

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